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ITA - Institute of Transport and Automation Technology

System and process automation in the field of production engineering and intralogistics typically requires to deal with construction, circuit and control engineering issues. Innovative solutions in these fields can only be achieved by a close cooperation of different disciplines. The Institute of Transport and Automation Technology (ITA), whose staff members come from the mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science sectors, can be seen as a link between the individual disciplines.

Heterogeneous problems, like for example the development of intelligent transport systems for intralogistics or the integration of electronic elements into mechanic components for state detection, merge to one unique challenge which has to be met as a whole.

The ITA deals with a variety of mechatronic-related topics: our know-how reaches from the application of RFID technology for control and optimisation of transport processes, the use of optical technologies in mechanical and mechatronic components to the evaluation of conveyor belts used in open pit mining. Projects like the integration of sensors and wireless communication modules in washers for high-strength boltings demonstrate the benefit of interdisciplinary expertise in different fields.

ITA Core Competences

Optical Communication and Energy Transfer

  • Dispensing of optical fibres
  • Optical fibre offset printing
  • Optical energy transfer to mechanical components
  • Simulation of light transport and of the power transmitted

Intelligent Transport Systems

  • Decentralised control for small-scaled conveyor modules
  • Cooperative industrial trucks
  • Transponder-based vehicle control systems
  • Assistance systems

Integration of RFID in Mechanical Components

Finetech Fineplacer
  • Printed RFID transponder antennas
  • Flip chip bonding using isotropic or anisotropic conductive adhesives, thermal or UV hardening
  • Wire bonding (ultrasonic, thermosonic)
  • Distance and reading probability measurement
  • Load tests of RFID transponders integrated in components

Component Integral State Detection

Überrollprüfstand -> vergrößern

  • Integration of sensors in components for recording data

  • Wireless and wired communication between sensors and their environment, via RFID or optical

  • Modelling

  • Simulation of mechanical loads

  • Simulation of HF and UHF communication

  • Research on fatigue strength of integrated systems

Technical Equipment (Extract)

  • RFID load test rig
  • RFID distance test rig
  • Offset and flexo printing machine
  • Finetech fineplacer
  • F&K Delvotek 53xx wire bonder
  • Mühlbauer FCM 6000

A detailed list of test rigs and equipment can be found on the ITA website. 

Institute of Transport and Automation Technology – Contact Information

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ludger Overmeyer

ITA - Institute of Transport and Automation Technology
Leibniz Universität Hannover
An der Universität 2
30823 Garbsen

Phone: +49 511 762 2503
Fax: +49 511 762 4007
E-mail: ludger.overmeyerita.uni-hannover.de