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Logo: Hannover Center of Mechatronics/Leibniz Universität Hannover
Logo Leibniz Universität Hannover
Logo: Hannover Center of Mechatronics/Leibniz Universität Hannover
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MZH established as official research centre of the Leibniz Universität Hannover
since 2007

MZH’s main fields of research
•   Autonomous mobile service robots
•   Automotive mechatronics
•   Production engineering
•   Medical engineering
•   Robotics
    (see also project database)

until 2007

Fields of activity and MZH research projects, e.g.:
•  Medical engineering (since 2005) e.g.: micro navigation, climatic chamber,
   Robot with surgical milling cutter
•  Navigation and environment detection: Dora, ELROB (2006),
   MoRob-4x4, ELROB (2007)
•  Navigation: Carla 2001, Still forklift truck (2005 -2008)
•  Friction measuring platform
•  Hydraulic Hexapod 2005
•  Autonomous robot BARt 2000, BARt 2007, LISA (ab 2006)
•  Autonomous robot MARGe
•  Stair climber

2004/2005Start of the Bachelor/Master study course Mechatronics
•  Until end of 2007 more than 250 short and diploma theses at the MZH
   (mechanical + electrical engineering) 
•  Winter term 2007/2008: 75 starters (Bachelor), 10 starters (Master)
•  Even share of the Faculty of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the  
   Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
2000Official inauguration of the MZH
•  Mechatronics research work concerning "service robots"
   (MZH members/institutes bring their know-how into cooperation projects)
•  Acquisition of mechatronics research projects (third-party funds)
•  Conclusion of framework contracts with partners in industry
•  Execution of graduate classes
•  Support of the Mechatronics study course
•  Coordination/documentation

MZH foundation members
•  Prof. Popp (IFM – Institute of Mechanics)
•  Prof. Heimann (IFM – Institute of Mechanics)
•  Prof. Tönshoff (IFW – Institute of Production Engineering and Machine Tools)
•  Prof. Gerth (IRT – Institute of Automatic Control)
•  Prof. Haase (GEM – Institute of the Basics of Electrical Engineering)
•  4 advisory board members from industry and science

1999Execution of the "1st graduate class Mechatronics"
•  Until 2007: more than 40 instructors

Innovation offensive of the Land of Lower Saxony:
Proposal for the „interdisciplinary working group MZH”
Field of research: „Autonomous Robots”:
•  3 research associates, 5 years (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and
   Computer Science)
•  2 research associates, 5 years (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering)
•  1 professorship (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering)
•  Material expenses, infrastructure

DFG research unit "High-speed Machine Tool"
New subject „Mechatronics” in the study course Electrical Engineering
•  Compulsory electives catalogues containing subjects from both the Mechanical 
   Engineering and the Electrical Engineering course
•  New: Mechatronics Master lab (Mechanical + Electrical Engineering)
New subject „Mechatronics" in the study course Mechanical Engineering
DFG proposal for the research unit "High-speed Machine Tool"
Reseach contents: magnetic bearing, parallel guidance etc.
MZH foundation institutes:
•  IFW – Institute of Production Engineering and Machine Tools (Prof. Tönshoff)
•  IFM – Institute of Mechanics (Prof. Popp)
•  IRT – Institute of Automatic Control (Prof. Gerth)